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Adelaide. It's ok.

Terribly sleepy today, doesn't help being the end of financial year. Having internet access at work is a vice. At least access to LJ. I'm trying to rest since the last Friday, when I was supposed to have a relaxing weekend in Adelaide. The plan was to go to the airport straight after work, and be in Adelaide by dinner time. I did get into my car and into the airport. Then the flight was delayed by an hour, then another, then flight cancelled with nothing untill the next afternoon. Using a two dollar coin and internet terminal thankfully available at Avalon we've booked the first morning flight into Adelaide. By the time all the passengers were sorted out with the refunds and exchanges it was well past midnight and about 5 hours away from our check-in time for our next flight in the other airport about hour away. I decided to leave my car in Avalon, since my return flight would come back into Avalon and the plan was to go to work on Monday straight after my morning flight. So, we took a shuttle back to the city and went into the office of one of our friends, spend a few crazy hours ordering a pizza at 1:30 am (I managed to wake up an Italian lady who informed me in a half-awaken voice that her pizza shop closes at midnight, I wonder how many people wake her up every night). A Malaysian girl from Bendigo stayed with us for the night, being in the same situation as us, and sitting in the small vintage kitchen in Brunswick st covered with wallpaper, original stove from the 50-s, art-deco stained glass doors, with a three other people, two of whom I just met, it was one of the most bizarre nights of my life.

Adelaide seemed unreal after that, we made it to the ceremony and managed not to fall asleep through all three hours, saw a little bit of the city and parks and spend most of the Sunday in the huge Art Gallery they have. Sleeping in on Sunday was out of the question, with the mass at 9:30 am, bishop, reception, met just about every traditional Catholic in Australia, including very funny Xavier president of the Juventutem who just finished a mystery novel.

Woke up at 5am for my morning flight. Got to the airport at about 5:27am. Friendly JetStar check-in person informed me "I'm well and truly late by 6 mins". Since, the next flight was at 2pm L. kindly suggested to take time off work and spend the morning with me. Beautiful Sunday morning, we spent time shopping for wedding shoes, which was an adventure in itself and actually had the best day out of the whole weekend finally just the two of us.

Finally got to work on Tuesday and the end of financial year surrounding me like an unseen monster, words that I have never heard before (accruals, sundries, etc), new finance system and somehow I'm the one checking that everything is in order. I'm a whole month here now, and I can do anything. I really can. As long as I stay awake.

Wednesday - we had a great turnout for the Melville's season probably even better than for Ophuls, I had to sit in a front row. I did fall asleep during Le Samourai, the bizarre thing I'm sure I've seen it before and yet couldn't remember anything at all.

Thursday - Swan Lake on Ice - tickets offered at the last minute, took my nana with me, fun.

Friday - celebrating new year tonight with friends, should be great.

Saturday - I might actually go swimming and walk with Luke, I hope we'll have the same weather tomorrow. Probably my one day to get some sleep. I really need to sit down and look at courses, thinking of getting into special moods significantly descreases your ability to get things done.

Anyway, accruals await.

Happy New Year, everyone:)