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Синематека открыается 22 февраля. Много всего прекрасного, но вот эта програма меня заранее пугает:

(1948) 18 mins
The key events of Vincent van Gogh’s life are suitably illustrated by
the artist’s paintings, yet it is director Alain Resnais’ ‘blind,
trembling’ mobile camera that truly brings to life the interior world of
Vincent in this Oscar winning tribute that kick started Resnais’
professional filmmaking career.

(1951) 13 mins
Alain Resnais further developed his technical expertise & his reputation
with this masterly study told through Gauguin’s almost autobiographical
paintings. The film’s commentary, drawn from direct translations of
Gauguin’s letters, journals and other writings, masterfully integrates
with Resnais’ growly assured camerawork.

7:40 Edvard Munch
(1974) 210 mins
Peter Watkins' intense portrayal of the life & work of the pioneer
expressionist painter & graphic artist uses an almost documentary
approach to the narrative, incorporating numerous meticulous details to
place the artist in a social & historical context. One of the most
striking film biographies ever produced, featuring perceptive
performances from the non-professional cast. Imported 35mm print.

Я ведь останусь и буду все смотреть, ужас-ужас. Хотя в общей сумме 4 часа, в принципе обычная длина синематеки пары фильмов.
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