Lola Jones (pale_fire) wrote,
Lola Jones

Rockfeller goes swinging

‘‘The damage you have caused to a decent honourable family is incalculable,’’ he twice told the couple during his sentencing remarks.

Here's a story straight for the Lars von Trier film. A millionaire answers an ad in a sex-swing magazine, under a false name, of course, although he might as well have used Rockfeller who would have believed it was his real name in these circumstances. Mr Rockfeller visits the house informing the couple he will bring the wife, but comes alone and gets into a fight, apparently because he didn't bring the woman with him and still wanted sex, although who knows what really happened, and consequently gets beaten up my the member of the physically stronger working class, and eventually killed, dismembered and burned. What makes this story different from any other trashy horror film plot is that it was our privileged smart Mr Rockfeller who answered the call and turned up on a step of these apparently partially mentally disabled people from a much harsher disadvantaged background. A twist on "The Idiots" that's more disturbing in the its cold reality. And while the murder is appalling, I'm somehow very confused by the judge repeatedly reiterating the statement about the damage to a decent honourable family. Sounds to me like the bulk of the damage to the family's reputation was done by the deceased himself.

I'm also constantly buffled by the rich people refusing to use their money and/or their poor judgement. Like Mr Rockfeller who could have easily bought a number of male and female escorts and a hotel to go with them. Or at least run a security check on these pair he decided to check out. Would he really even go into their house if he had a profile of their history and a couple of decent photos of their appearance?

Or the reason that all the celebrities that get caught drink driving and go to jail can't just hire a driver. If you drink and live at parties and have money to afford the driver, why would you choose to drive? The latest article in MX actually upset me, once again, who knows how much of it is true, but it was suggesting Ms Lohan recently released from a jail sentence because of drink driving had been caught hitting a baby pram and driving away, while the stunned mother looked on, this was caught on video by the passerby and sounds a bit too horrible to be made up. Mean girl or not, but seriously, what's with the obsessive desire to be behind the wheel?
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