Lola Jones (pale_fire) wrote,
Lola Jones

Around a small mountain

"Around a small mountain" - I don't know quite how to describe it. It's a very relaxing film, somewhere in the backwaters of France a small town and an old circus and a few people passing through. A very old Jane Birkin in an open black dress. Circus sequences reminding of Ophuls' "Lola Montes" but just barely, in passing. The world is a stage, but this stage is not frequented by visitors and those that do come don't know where to laugh, all the more reason not to take the ring seriously. Then again, the stage is the most frightening and revealing space, even a small and provincial one, however one needs to get on stage to appreciate this.

I want to live around the small mountain, listen to the wonderful liquid French and be myself. It's a strange strange film, I can't even say what I liked about it, but it did make me want to re-watch Rivette's films and live in France, it just fits like a glove. No major revelations and judging by the silence and no applause in the audience not everyone's cup of cafe.
Tags: miff 2010
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