Lola Jones (pale_fire) wrote,
Lola Jones

Morning after

Australia fully feels like a Monthy Python land. Nothing serious can ever happen here. Hung parliament? Huh. I feel like asking how well hung. And yes, I voted Greens.

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well, the more of you are voting greens the better it's hung
and -- if this is not serious then what is?
That's a thing, nothing about this country's politics ever feels serious to me. It's more like a kindergarden play with a look over the shoulder to check if the mother is still there. And things just happen so quickly and almost randomly, here's our first female prime minister just over night, and u just know it will be an insult to all the women cause she won't be reelected and the first female prime minister had a great reign of a few months, and this election where in all honesty it doesn't really matter who wins, and I still feel I dislike both parties. And the compulsory voting, cause if it wasn't compulsory nobody would turn up
at all. And yet it's a great country maybe precisely because the politicians don't have much power here and both parties are really the same.
if it does not feel serious to you, it does not necessary mean that it's not serious
do you really feel insulted that the first female prime minister was voted out? speaking of kindergarten...
compulsory voting: absolutely, switch it off! it's got nothing to do with freedom and - as a bonus - lots of "protest" voters will stay home.

speaking of greens: ever heard why they're like a watermelon?
that brown guy proves it every time he opens his mouth.
я слушаю радио, чтобы как-то соприкасаться с местным английским языком.. почему-то тоже сложилось такое впечатление некой несерьёзности происходящего.
But do you realise that by voting Greens you are making it even less serious? Is it intentional? ;)