Lola Jones (pale_fire) wrote,
Lola Jones

More MIFF schedule

1. Fri 23 July 4:45 Around a Small Mountain (Rivette)
2. Sat 24 July 4:45 Russian Lessons (doco about Russian-Georgian war)
3. Sat 24 July 9:30 Life During Wartime (Solondz)
4. Mon 26 July 6:45 The Portuguese Nun (Eugene Green)
5. Fri 30 July 2:30 Film Socialisme (Godard)
6. Fri 30 July 9:15 My Joy (Sergei Loznitsa, the one Russian feature to watch at MIFF)
7. Sat 31 July 9:15 I Killed My Mother (Xavier Dolan)
8. Sat 31 July 11:30 Too Much Pussy (doco about performance artists and feminist porn)
9. Sun 1 Aug 9:15 Air Doll (Horukazu Koreeda)
10. Tue 3 Aug 12:15 The Strange Case of Angelica (*) (Oliveira)
11. Tue 3 Aug 9:15 Black Bus (*) (doco about women and Orthodox judaism)
12. Wed 4 Aug 9:15 Certified Copy (Kiarostami, yes with Binoche)
13. Sun 8 Aug 7:00 Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, winner of Cannes Palme D'Or)

* - Haven't bought the tickets yet, otherwise all booked.

All my lj friends are welcome to join me for any of the films, the tickets for most apart from "Certified copy" are still available.
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did not you say only five films!?

>Film Socialisme, I Killed My Mother, Too Much Pussy
wonderful telling names!

I changed my mind:)
It would be better than Nine I'm sure:)
honestly, I don't believe either of those three will be
I did not manage to watch a single Godard until the end
feminist porn - is not it an oxymoron?
Killing My Mother? why watch such a movie - it's all in the title already?